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MADEM alumnus Rheaume Chaput named chief of Kingston Fire and Rescue


On Jan. 7, Rheaume Chaput was sworn in as chief of Kingston Fire and Rescue. He appointment was recently featured inKingston This Week.

From the story:

Chief Chaput has extensive experience in fire and emergency services and disaster scenarios. He began his career in public service with the Pembroke Police as a dispatcher and bylaw enforcement officer, while simultaneously serving as a volunteer firefighter.

His passion lay in firefighting and prevention, so he left the police department to join Atomic Energy of Canada as an industrial firefighter, where he learned about hazardous materials and how to handle them, giving him a solid base of knowledge when he moved into the public sector. “The big difference between industrial and municipal fire services is the higher risk associated with industry,” he explained. “I was trained on more hazardous materials and processes than would be normal for municipal services.” He took that training and joined the Pembroke Fire Department once again as a volunteer, but his experience in the industrial avenue of fire safety and passion for continuing education enabled him to quickly ascend through the ranks, and he became Pembroke’s Fire Chief in 2006. While acting as chief in Pembroke, he had the opportunity to become involved in disaster management and response, and to learn much about how various emergency services co-ordinate together in case of such an event.

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