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Life changes for an Employment Skills Access Program graduate

Sheila’s cohort completed the Employment Skills Access Program in Continuing Studies last Friday (June 7) and she sent this email Tuesday morning (June 11).  She's a great example of one of the many success stories in the program.Hi ESA Team;

I thought I should share the news with you that I was offered a job yesterday in my ‘preferred field of employment’ -  Ah!!  I was so shocked how fast this has all happened – and only four days after ‘graduation’.     Yesterday I was called at 9 am for an interview at 11 am – and at 1:30 pm she called with the offer. 

The woman who hired me said that my application process deserved a ‘gold star’ because I applied in person and then followed up via email and included everything she needed to see on my resume in an easy to read way.  (I believe the Craigslist posting had over 100 applicants but I was the only one who came in). Then after the interview (which I ROCKED – I was so prepared for the questions!) she again said she was so impressed with the application and also how I handled the interview.  *I* was blown away with how impressed *she* was!!  I give huge kudos to RRU for helping me put my ‘package’ together of ME in a marketable way.I am panicking a bit today picturing my ‘new life’ next week. The office environment there isn’t wonderful and pretty and for the first time in 23 years I won’t be home all day every day during the summer to manage the family. However I know that it’s all a process and this experience will be great no matter where it leads.  My family is super happy and supportive.  I had an extremely difficult time early last week after not getting the admin job at my kids’ school  that I was really hoping for so ...what a difference a week makes. This is better anyways : )   And this is a great story for fellow grads to keep at it.  This was my sixth interview in the last six months and all of the interviews always felt like it was going to be *the job* for me, and I was always “this close” to getting it.  So lots of rollercoaster emotions this last year, lots of discouragement – the RRU program really helped me build that confidence back up -  and I’m so happy to close this chapter of applying and interviews!SO.  THANK YOU.  I know how happy you will be to hear this success story and so wanted to write you all right away.I’ll be in touch how it goes after next week!!

Take care all,Sheila