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The Library and Writing Centre launch two new essay-writing guides!

On behalf of Jessica Mussell (RRU Librarian), we’re pleased to announce the official launch of two great new research and writing tools for students!

The Guide to Writing an Undergraduate-level Essay and the Guide to Writing a Graduate-level Essay are now available for use by anyone in the RRU community who is looking for self-directed assistance with writing an essay. Each guide presents a 12-step process, starting at understanding the assignment and finishing with submitting the essay. At each step, the guides give information, tips, tools, and examples to help writers proceed through the writing process.

We’re excited to present these resources to the RRU community, and we hope you’ll find them useful! If you have any questions about the content in the guides, please click on “I’m confused; please help!” at the bottom of each page in the guides.

If you have any general questions or feedback for us, please contact Jessica at and/or me, Theresa Bell, at We’d love to hear from you!