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Ken Christie publishes Syria op-ed in Vancouver Sun

School of Peace and Conflict Management Prof. Ken Christie has been closely observing the situation in Syria. This week, he published a piece in the Vancouver Sun entitled, A human security hell emerges in Syria.

An excerpt from the piece:

Syria is starting to represent a nightmare for observers of its human security situation. Wracked by civil war and political violence in the last 18 months and with the body count now over 20,000, it is rapidly developing into a humanitarian crisis that will be difficult to stem in the weeks and months to come.  Its economic situation is becoming dire as it appears to disintegrate. The international community’s failure to act followed by the resignation of its peace envoy, Kofi Annan, is simply another sign of the desperate situation that has developed over a conflict that appears unsolvable in the immediate future and may be intractable in the long range. Annan’s replacement, Lakhdar Brahimi, a former foreign minister for Algeria, is speaking from experience when he describes Syria as “a civil war.” And in civil wars in the developing world, rarely is there a happy ending, particularly when those wars tend to have ethnic and sectarian dimensions. Read more