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Join Continuing Studies for a Journey of the Universe

What can astronomy tell us about our beginnings and where the earth is headed? How do recent discoveries in astronomy, geology, biology, ecology, and biodiversity relate to humanistic insights concerning the very nature of the universe?

Join Gertie Jocksch, MDiv, DMin, and a Sister of Charity of Halifax, for an evening screening and discussion of the film, Journey of the Universe, the documentary celebrating the collective inspiration of a lively and prolific 30-year-friendship between three visionaries in the fields of science, evolutionary philosophy and world religions - Thomas Berry, Mary Evelyn Tucker and Brian Thomas Swimme.

The film tells the 14 billion year epic story of the cosmic earth-human experience and weaves scientific discoveries in astronomy, geology, biology and ecology with insights from the world’s cultures.  Beginning with the universe and the unfolding of life on Earth, exquisite imagery, provocative metaphors and enlivening  musical score invite us to embrace a profound participatory role in the flourishing of the Earth community.

Date: Thursday, Oct. 18Time: 7-9 p.m.Cost: $15

Contact Continuing Studies at 4801 to register.