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Inspiring a generation to go green

A RRU research project aims to teach students about sustainable technology offered through Solar Colwood. Organized and run by Royal Roads students, the work was featured in the Times Colonist InRoads page this week.

A excerpt from the story:

A group of Grade 7 Dunsmuir Middle School students gathers around a car in Colwood Coun. Judith Cullington’s driveway.

“This is my car, and I want you to find the tailpipe on it,” Cullington says to the students. Some giggle nervously, while others peek around the back of the car and look perplexed.

“There isn’t one,” a girl asserts. “It’s electric!” a boy adds.

Cullington then offers students the opportunity to plug in her car and “fill it up.” The youth ask a range of questions and walk away with greater knowledge of electric vehicles than many people who are old enough to drive. They continue on to visit different stations around Cullington’s home to learn about green technology from people with Solar Colwood, a municipal green energy program. The students learn about the solar panel pathfinder, which determines the sunniest place to position panels, and get a look at the panels on Cullington’s roof. They’re also introduced to a blower door fan and a thermal imaging camera that identify air leakages in the home. To add to the fun, the kids have their photo taken with the camera to see who has the coldest nose.

“We bring the kids in so they can see and touch the smart home technology and they can ask questions,” says Royal RoadsMA in Interdisciplinary Studies student Susan Kerr, who designed the three-day environmental education program that starts with a fieldtrip to Cullington’s home...

Read the full story here.