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Innovative Learning Days hosted on campus

Three "Innovative Learning Days" - featuring open-access workshops organized and led by the Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography team will be held on the RRU campus over the coming weeks. Beginning with the first event, scheduled for October 19 at 1:30 in the Center for Dialogue, and continuing through a second event (November date TBA), and a third event (January date TBA), "Innovative Learning Days" will be 3-hour workshop-style metings hosted by School of Communication & Culture Phillip Vannini.

Open to anyone interested in innovative approaches to sharing knowledge the workshops will cover topics such as:- utilizing old and new media to disseminate research;- blending social sciences and arts;- translation, transfer, and mobilization of knowledge;- publication of research in academic and popular outlets.

Stay tuned for details about the October 19 workshop and subsequent events. No need to pay fees, sign up, or apply to be accepted. Just come on by.