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The Impact of Technology on the Brain: an evening talk with Paul Mohapel, PhD.

You walk into your office after a long weekend and find your email inbox brimming over. You walk a daily tightrope of keeping up with professional and personal emails, texts, and computer screens all seeming to scream for your attention every waking hour of the day.

Sound familiar? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what the impact of spending so many hours on your computer, TV, tablet, or smart phone may have on your brain?

Join Paul Mohapel, PhD. on February 27 for an evening talk, The Impact of Technology on the Brain, and learn about recent startling research about the negative impact of technology on our brain and the quality of our lives, providing information that challenges the assumption that technology only brings positive outcomes in our lives. Strategies to counter some of these negative impacts will be explored as well.

Date: February 27Time: 7-9:30 p.m.Cost: $25 plus applicable taxes

Contact Continuing Studies x2513 to register.