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The fine art of influence and persuasion

How do you sell your creative ideas to your boss, clients and other decision-makers? What's your style of influence and how can it impact your communications? Here's what Linda Naiman, Continuing Studies facilitator, has to say about persuaion and influence in her most recent blog post.

"When it comes to putting creativity to work, the biggest challenge usually isn’t about coming up with ideas, it’s getting those ideas listened to, accepted, and implemented in your organization. That’s why it is so important for innovators to learn how to influence and persuade people to embrace your idea. And that’s why I have taken it upon myself to learn these skills. How else would I be able to incorporate art with leadership and innovation in giant conservative organizations?

One thing I know for sure is you have to frame your creative idea with impeccable logic, and communicate your value proposition from the point of view of the ‘buyer.’ When you engage decision-makers in a creative process that incorporates their points of view, you will have more success in getting buy in.

I recommend these books (links will take you to Amazon) to help you become a better influencer."


Join Linda next week, February 6-7, for her Continuing Studies course, Influence and Persuation: Leading Strategies for Getting Results ( Contact Continuing Studies x2513 to register.