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Excerpt from Roger Girouard published in National Post

In a newly released e-book titled The Canadian Forces in 2025: Problems and Prospects, associate faculty member Roger Girouard writes about the state of the Royal Canadian Navy. An excerpt from his section was published this week by theNational Post.

He writes:

As Canadians listen to multi-billion dollar defence acquisitions for new ships being debated, it is fair for them to wonder what return we will get on the investment required for a renewal of the national naval fleet. The usual explanations — jobs, investment in technology and ensuring national sovereignty — only go so far to assuage taxpayers’ concerns.

Twenty-billion dollars-plus of hardware requires a compelling justification. Providing such a justification is all the more challenging in a nation whose citizens, on the whole, do not understand that Canada is a maritime entity, with relationships and economic linkages that span the oceans and impact our quality of life to an immense degree.

Read the full excerpt here.