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From earth to earthworms: Announcing the winners of the “What Kind of Future Do You Want?” contest

When the Continuing Studies team read the submissions to the “What Kind of Future Do You Want?” contest, we were in awe of the deep thought and committed passion we encountered on each page. Although there were differences in writing styles and the visions of each writer, we found a cohesion with regard to our inherent connection to the earth and to each other. We wish to thank all the contributors for their words, their time and their in/sights in seeing a world we all may share tomorrow and for lifetimes to come. And now… (drum roll please!)… for our top two entries. The winning submission speaks to a cosmic view of our planet and our connection to the entirety of other earth-like planets that exist in our universe. It holds the earth and its precious sphere of influence on us all as not only beautiful, but as an inspiration in restoring the role of the human as one of the big solutions rather than have us all retreat into the smallness of marginalized excuses for what can’t be done. The runner-up entry looks through a different lens by bending down and holding up a magnifying glass to our own backyards, our soil, the food we eat, and how our decisions impact generations to come. Without further ado, our winner is Bill Durodie from the School of Peace and Conflict Management. Bill will receive a one-of-a-kind 2013 Robert Bateman calendar containing an original impromptu sketch by Mr. Bateman. Our runner up is Rebecca Bosma from the Centre for Applied Leadership and Management. Rebecca will receive an autographed copy of Hope and Wild Apples, a small self-published book by Robert Bateman that’s about our choices and where those choices can lead us in terms of a sustainable existence for all. Although we originally planned to publish only the winning entry on our blog, both entries are now posted there ( Considering futures this bright, we simply had to share all their stunning words.

"When you act on behalfof something greater than yourself,you beginto feel it acting through youwith a power that is greater than your own.

This is grace." ~ Joanna Macy

Image credit: Earth from Space via Wikimedia Commons