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Dr. Eva Malisius and Amanda Coolidge present at 2013 Global Education Conference

The fourth annual Global Education Conference #globaled13 brought together educators and innovators from around the world in an entirely virtual conference using Blackboard Collaborate platform. 

Eva (SHS) and Amanda (CTET) presented on how they introduced Mozilla Popcorn Maker into a first assignment for incoming students in RRU’s MA in Conflict Analysis and Management Practice.   During their session at #globaled13 over 25 participants from all over the globe joined and shared their questions and impressions of the challenge presented to our students with the assignment and the impact it had on their community building. 

While some may be concerned on how to ensure academic standards in using a video format for an assignment, Eva and Amanda demonstrate how it is possible to balance academic rigor, assess quality and innovation in line with RRU’s Learning and Teaching Model.  As further added value, the assignment helped the MACAM cohort to build a strong sense of community during the pre-residency and coming to campus with a vibrant cohort bond that translated into a safe learning environment in the classroom and beyond.

The key lessons learned include: •    Vaguesness helps creativity •    Creativity helps challenge and pushing boundaries •    Challenge helps build community •    Community helps learning •    Learning to deal with conflict helps academic performance and reflective practice.

Eva and Amanda previously shared the benefits, challenges, and lessons learned from using the Mozilla Popcorn Maker for an assignment at the ETUG conference and as part of CTET’s Learning and Teaching Model Workshop Series.

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