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Doctor of Social Sciences program featured in Maclean’s

The Doctor of Social Sciences program was recently featured in a Maclean’s special feature on distance and continuing education.

As an example, consider the four-year, $76,000 doctoral program in social sciences at Royal Roads University in Victoria, which attracts people who are highly placed in their professions and who aspire to conduct research within their organizations and professions. Their research generally focuses on issues of community, organizational and environmental sustainability in a global context, says Bernard Schissel, professor and program head in the Doctor of Social Sciences program at Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C.

Enrollees span a broad age range – about 30 to 65 – and include a fairly high proportion of First Nations students. And while much of the coursework is done online, incoming students attend two three-week residencies on campus to complete four courses during the first two years. The remaining two courses, and the supervision of the doctoral dissertation, are conducted online, although some of this activity requires students to log in together. “The online platform enables students to interact and co-develop assignments,” says Cheryl Heykoop, a student in the program. This cements bonds first established in those three-week residencies.

Heykoop expects to stay in touch with some of the “inspiring” classmates in her cohort – including a bank vice-president, a school board superintendent, an aboriginal lawyer and a not-for-profit executive. “We all share a passion for global change,” she explains. “I’m sure some of us will cross paths later in our careers and likely work together.”

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