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David Black gives lecture on consumer culture and children to local parents group

School of Communication and Culture core faculty member, David Black, gave an invited presentation titled "Born to Buy? Media and the Making of the Child as Consumer" to the parents of the Lansdowne Co-operative Preschool on Tuesday. Jan. 15.

The talk addressed points drawn from the literature on consumer culture and marketing to children within the context of the history of childhood. It argued that advertising and branded playworlds addressed to young children cumulatively lead to the creation of a new 21st century form of childhood called "consumer childhood."

It surveyed four patterns leading to the creation of this new childhood: how consumer culture changes the structure and culture of childhood, and how it interferes with children's development and the nature of children's play. The talk concluded with discussion of practical remedies available to parents to better equip their children to live in consumer culture.

A copy of the Powerpoint is attached here.