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Continuing Studies Facilitator, Joanne Thomson, featured in the Times Colonist

What brings you alive? What creative arisings are calling to you from somewhere deep inside of you? Joanne Thomson is an insightful visual artist who brings the gifts of passion and creative expression to her drawings and canvases. The element of soul has steeped into her art and is a natural step in her journey as an artist. Her contemplative approach is evident in her landscapes and illustrations. Joanne describes her works as “strong images created gently.”Check out her recent article in the TC: Join Joanne February 16 and 17 for Art as Spiritual Practice at Poets Cove beginning with a private water taxi ride over to the island and two full days of learning and luxury on Pender Island.  Please contact Continuing Studies at 2513 for more information. Joanne’s course is one of a series of three Poet’s Cove learning adventures. To learn more, please call Tess at 4801.