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Classroom campaigns for the real world


Picture this: a chalk trail leading to a giant bed, a dynamic video experience that makes the elevator ride the best part of your day and a curious message in the sky sending you in a new direction.

Those ideas and more were offered up by 30 BA in International Hotel Management students as new ways to promote Victoria as a dynamic tourism destination. They presented their work as part of a class assignment and internal case competition to judges from the offices of Tourism Victoria and local design firm Eclipse Creative.

“It’s exciting to have contact with the industry and have professionals come in and see what you can do,” says Royal Roads student Jillian Fonteyne. “The hands-on part of it makes it more unique. This program is really helping you get to where you want to be.”

The campaign pitches were part of the first case competition under the Tourism Victoria Mentorship Program, launched in November 2012. The program also includes internship opportunities for on-the-job training, mentoring and scholarships for post-secondary students.

The experience gave them a chance to learn about marketing and what it takes to put a campaign together, all while testing their presentation skills in front of a very accomplished and award-winning audience, says Assistant Prof. Rebecca Wilson-Mah.

“I wanted them to get a chance to share their ideas with the best,” she says. “That is just such a phenomenal opportunity. These are people that live and breathe marketing...”

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