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Campus safety during the fire season

Royal Roads is threatened almost every summer by the lack of rain creating a tinder dry forest and dry grass. All of us have to be extremely vigilant in preventing forest fires all year round but especially during hot dry spells.   You can all help by ensuring that all tobacco products are properly extinguished before being disposed of in the designated containers.   Do not discard cans, bottles or any other reflective items into the grass or bush; ensure they are also disposed of in the designated containers.   Be especially vigilant of your bikes, cars or other motorized vehicles. Did you know that unsafe brakes and faulty exhaust systems can send off sparks that can start a fire?   In the event you see any fires or smoke on campus, first contact Security if possible at 391-2525, otherwise call 911.   Submitted by RRU’s Occupational Health,Safety & Environment Committee.    Please visit us at