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Call for proposals: Royal Crossroads: Avenues for Quality

ETUG is coming to Royal Roads and we want you to submit a proposal!

  • Where: Royal Roads University,Victoria, BC
  • When: Friday, Nov. 15, 2013
  • Deadline:  Friday, Oct. 11, 2013

We welcome proposals from faculty, staff and students to facilitate a session at this year’s ETUG Fall Workshop!This Fall’s ETUG event invites you to explore perceptions of quality in education. No single set of best practices for quality assurance exists, but frameworks, benchmarks, lists, and rubrics have been created, revised and applied. However, the connotations of quality can appear at odds with other key values including diversity, engagement, creativity and flexibility.  We invite proposals that seek:

  • to define what quality means; to explore the relationships among quality and key values in education such as diversity, engagement, creativity and flexibility;
  • to showcase quality assurance and continuous improvement within classrooms, disciplines, or institutions;
  • to offer plans, projects and predictions for the future.

Our goal is to offer a stimulating event for all ETUG members, so we welcome informative, interactive and engaging proposals for sessions. Here are some guiding questions and suggestions, but feel free to add to these ideas:Signposts:

  • What does quality mean at your Institution?
  • How do you measure and assess quality at your institution?


  • Quality, Speed and Cost:  Pick two?
  • Are quality and creativity mutually exclusive?

Routes:Does your institution/program/department have a creative approach to quality assessment or implementation?How do you ensure quality in design and delivery across a variety of modes of delivery such as blended, online, flipped and MOOCs? What does quality mean in developing and offering a course for a particular mode of delivery?Travelling companions:

  • How do quality initiatives impact students, faculty, support staff and administration?
  • How do you engage faculty in the quality discussion? Students?

Directions:Given the Ministry of Advanced Education, Innovation and Technology’s (AEIT) recently released a green paper entitled “Quality Assurance Framework British Columbia,” where are we headed?

For further information and to submit a proposal go to: