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Board of Governors Student Election RESULTS

The successful candidate for the student representative for a one year term ( April 1, 2014 through to March 31, 2015) is Murray Langdon, EXMGMT –MBA.

Congratulations Murray! Thank you to Astrid Woodard, Bill Pratt, Colin McAllister, Denny Hollick, Gail Caryn, Garth Campbell, Kevin VanEs, Ronski Kosky and Sandra Plewes for participating in the election.


Bio for Murray Langdon


As a student enrolled in the MBA program here at Royal Roads, I see the difference this program, and the learning experience, can make. Yet, there are things that I see that could and should be improved on, such as capacity, program expansion, consistency of program delivery, and conditions for those who come to stay in residency. There are more, perhaps some that you have been thinking of or dealing with. We have the opportunity to do so much more for you and future students. That’s where I want to help you.

I want to bring to life the issues that matter to you. As someone who has worked on boards of both for-profit and not-for profit organizations, I understand how to effectively bring motions for approval. I know how to work with others to have issues heard. I can help bring people to consensus and make lasting change. As a communicator, who worked for nearly 20 years in television, radio and print, I can clearly state, articulate and explain a position. I can bring matters to the board and find a way to have them heard and acted upon. But perhaps most importantly, I know how to listen. And that’s what I want to do: listen to you, hear your concerns and act upon them.

As someone who has been called upon to take a number of leadership roles, I am not afraid to take a stand for the people I represent. Whether that’s in my role as a communications consultant, as a director with Vancouver Island Brewery, as the president of the Victoria Brain Injury Society or a director with my community association, I am a person that takes on a challenge and sees it through. I want to be your voice with the decision makers. I want to represent your concerns and take your issues to those that make the strategic and financial choices that shape this university. I want to see Royal Roads enhance its programs, make its course offerings more robust and ensure a consistency is delivered for each and every student that enrolls and for each and every cohort that is assembled.

In this election, I want your support. But in reality, it is I that want to support you. I want to support you in your learning, in your educational career, in your path to success. Together, I believe we can make this university the very best it can be and provide the greatest results for generations to come. I view this as your opportunity to make your concerns known and taken to the highest levels, your opportunity to share your ideas to make Royal Roads a better place, your opportunity to help shape and define what your educational experience is or should be. From the grassroots come great ideas; I want to be the person who represents all students at the board of governors and make things come to life, to make your educational experience the best possible.