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BCom alumn launches PreggoPager

BCom alumnus Ben Lee and his wife welcomed their son into the world in February with a little help from his co-venture PreggoPager.

“Childbirth is a time for celebration and joy, not worrying about keeping people in the loop and PreggoPager was invented with this in mind,” he says.

Officially launched March 1, PreggoPager’s basic service is currently tested and used by actual parents in the moments before and after their child’s birth. The service allows users to enter the names and numbers of up to ten people they want to keep updated via voice or text. PreggoPager provides a single phone number to use and the person calls the number to record up to a minute-long voice message, or they will text the same number and the message will be sent en masse. PreggoPager calls or texts all the people on the list instantly the moment they hang up, or click send.

The basic service includes five updates to ten people. PreggoPager will soon offer additional updates and user capabilities, an iOS and android application, additional area codes and international calling for a small fee.

Registration is now open for PreggoPager’s basic service in eleven area codes throughout North America including New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Montreal, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton.

PreggoPager, was founded in November 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario Canada at Startup Weekend. Kory Gorsky, Co-Founder and CEO says “its application makes pregnancy less stressful for parents-to-be, and their closest family and friends. We hope our application gives you more time to spend with your new family.”