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BAPC students host Twitter event, awareness campaign for Relay for Life

Do you have a cancer story to share? BA Professional Communication students are asking you to share to build support and awareness leading up to the annual Relay for Life, May 25-26.

As part of their SPEND5 campaign, they are inviting people to a Twiiter chat to spend 5 minutes writing during the #yyjCANcer Twitter event and on the Spend5 Facebook page, share the SPEND5 campaign with five others, and spend $5 supporting someone’s story by clicking the Relay for Life link on the Facebook group.Twitter chat

  • When: May 3 at 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
  • Where: Twitter
  • How: To follow the conversation, type in #yyjCANcer and share your story of cancer courage by creating a virtual dedication to those that research was not able to help in time.  The result of the chat night will be a Twitter story of celebration and a reminder that as a community we can put an end to cancer.

Watch the video here.