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From the Archives: A week in the life of a cadet

There is a book in the RRU Archives called Cadet Life at Royal Roads Military College, September 1956 - May 1958, written by S.A.C Franklin, that describes military student life using brief daily diary entries. Interspersed with his short sentences written while he was here, Franklin illustrates the books with photos, as well as flushed out description of some of the entries. For example, he describes a typical day as:

0630 The Hall Porter pipes Reveille over speakers in the Nixon Block0700 Take books for the day from the Nixon Block (you could not return till evening.)0715 Breakfast Parade0725 Breakfast (Note the duration!)0735 Morning Parade0800 Classes1200 Lunch Parade1300 Classes1600 Sports or drill1730 Dinner Parade/Evening Quarters1900 Compulsory study in one's room2130 Run circles or enjoy refreshments in the Gun Room2200 Free time2300 Lights out

As for the what the week looked like, exactly 56 years ago, Cadet Franklin did the following:

8 Oct Mon (Thanksgiving)Regatta in am. Six term circles in the afternoon. (2 hours wasted)

9 Oct TueBack to classes. I even enjoyed Descriptive Geometry.10 Oct WedUsual daytime routine. No time to spare but had fun at soccer.

11 Oct ThurPractice for Wing Parade. I goofed up a Physics test.

12 Oct FriI goofed another Physics test. We are working on white belts*

13 Oct SatFootball game. We won our 3rd straight. I wrote a letter home. I decided to fly to Seattle for Stand-down

14 Oct SunWe had to stand in the rain and watch 'Ontario' trim RR.*There was one more week as a recruit - including the obstacle course -  and then his first day off of the term was slated for the following Saturday, October 20. Busy times! 

*Email RRUArchives@royalroads if you want more details on these entries, or drop by the archives office in the RRU Library to take a look at the book. 

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