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April holds four successful residencies for CALM

Congratulations to the recent cohorts of the Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Management and the Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication. They had the unique opportunity to combine their final residency together, as their respective curricula shares Leadership, Community and Collaboration in a Complex Environment. During this final Capstone, the students reflected and shared the impact of their RRU experience with each other, in a visual presentation of their learning journey. In order to pass on a snapshot of this experience, each student wrote a few encouraging ‘words of wisdom’, which will be given to the upcoming cohort in September. In a successful delivery of another intensive Graduate Certificate in Project Management, the program has culminated in the students’ Capstone residency earlier this month. During their on campus portion, the students were able to apply what they have learned into a Simulation Project, putting into practice the tools they have honed over the past six months. Several students from each of these programs have expressed interest in the MA in Professional Communication and the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, to continue along their RRU path. Thanks in part to several RRU employees who took advantage of a unique coaching opportunity,

37 students were able to complete their program to become Certified Executive Coaches through our Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching.

The GCEC students enjoyed our busy campus for three intensive days and are now launching their careers in the rewarding field of Executive Coaching. Congratulations to all students for your continued success!