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Announcing a new APA resource from the Writing Centre

Are you new to learning the APA style rules? Perhaps you're looking to polish your skills or confirm your understanding? I'm pleased to announce that there's a new resource on the Writing Centre website that is intended just for you!

Please click on the link below to access a recorded Collaborate session that provides an introduction to APA style. The slides used during the presentation are also available via that link. My hope is that new students who will be using the APA style rules during their time at RRU will view the session in its entirety (it’s about 70 minutes long but doesn't need to be viewed all in one sitting), but also that the recording will serve as a just-in-time reminder regarding particular aspects of APA style when those are needed.

See below in order to access the session and the slides, as well as the time stamps for the various sections of the recording: Introduction to APA style (please click on the link to the Collaborate recording)

  • Introduction: 0:00-2:54
  • Formatting: 2:55-10:14
  • Quotations and paraphrasing: 10:15-13:15
  • In-text citations: 13:16-26:27
    • Personal communication: 26:28-34:53
    • Secondary source citations: 34:54-37:59
  • References: 38:00-1:06:24
  • Additional resources: 1:06:20

To view the recording, you'll need to have Java enabled and open the link to the recording in a browser that allows pop-ups.

I hope that this introduction to APA style will be a useful resource for the RRU community. Please contact me if you have any questions!

Theresa Bell  

Writing centre coordinator