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Ann Dale publishes carbon tax op-ed in Times Colonist

Carbon tax is key to enjoying Canadian cities, Prof. Ann Dale writes in a Times Colonist op-ed.

From the op-ed:

Canadian winters as we know them, “with skating, skiing, warm coats and hot chocolate,” would be ruined by an NDP carbon tax, Conservative MP Kyle Seeback said recently. But he’s wrong. In fact, the carbon tax might be just what we need to combat climate change and ensure future generations can experience the fun of all the Canadian seasons. Even with popular consensus that climate change is a significant issue, political gridlock at the federal level seriously affects our ability to act. It’s time that our policies and laws reflect what Canadians value and their concern for the future options of successive generations. We already have enough information through research and greenhouse gas emission inventories to identify what contributes to climate change.  Only if we start pricing the cost of greenhouse gas emissions in our economy will we see any change. All federal political parties in Canada must show collective leadership and vote for the immediate introduction of carbon taxes. In a constitutional democracy, values should be expressed through the laws. Carbon taxes will generate a long overdue national conversation about our critical environmental resources, and enshrine values that are essential for sustainable community development.

Read the full op-ed here.