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Ann Dale and Rob Newell publish tips in Network for Business Sustainability

Responding to climate change requires innovation. Dr. Ann Dale and Rob Newell of Royal Roads University provide five tips for companies seeking innovative ways to address climate change. Tips draw from a recent report called “Meeting the Climate Challenge.”

1. A picture is worth a thousand words

To communicate climate change impacts, go beyond numbers and charts. Instead, use “visualization” —images of impacts — to show staff and other stakeholders how climate change will affect specific areas or resources. “When people can see the effects, it engages both the heart and the mind and leads to action,” says Dale. Visualization often shows a geographical area with climate impacts superimposed. Companies near water can look at how sea level rise will affect them: e.g. effects on U.S. coastlines. Natural resource companies can anticipate effects of disease or fire: e.g. effects on forestry in British Columbia. Public resources are increasingly available; you may also want to partner with a local university and have them develop useful images for you. (See NBS’s Sustainability Centres community to access local universities.) Read the rest of the tips.