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Alumnus/South Sudanese journalist Mading Ngor featured in Reuters, Huffington Post

BAPC alumnus Mading Ngor is host of radio show Wake Up Juba and co-founder and editor of He was recently featured in Reuters and wrote a piece for the Huffington Post.

Excerpt from Reuters story: Radio journalist Mading Ngor was firing off sentences like machine gun rounds.

South Sudanese troops had occupied a disputed region across the country's border with arch foe Sudan. President Salva Kiir declared the army would not withdraw. The ruling party staged marches to prepare the people for war.

Then, a sudden change of heart: South Sudan would pull back after all. Ngor was incensed.

"It's a matter of consistency," the radioman shouted at a trio of political leaders on his popular Friday afternoon show. "You have to know what you want ... You don't deceive the people to boost their morale for nothing."

The panelists - South Sudan's deputy information minister and two veteran ruling party officials - tried in vain to calm their interviewer.

"Mading!" two shouted back. "Mading!"

In a country where most people get their news not from the Internet, newspapers or television but from the radio, Mading Ngor is about as big as journalists get. The 29-year-old is decidedly not impartial. But his brash, crusading reports and interviews on Bakhita Radio are required listening for politicians and the public alike.

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