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Alumnus quoted in Vancouver Sun story about smartphone addiction

MA in Professional Communication alumnus Joshua Peters, a federal government employee, was recently interviewed for a Vancouver Sun story about smartphone addiction.

From the story:

Self-confessed smartphone addict Joshua Peters, a 27-year-old federal government employee, says if he misplaces his smartphone, the feeling is “panic.”

With the knowledge base of the Internet at his fingertips, all of his contacts and social networks, the smartphone is effectively an extension of his very self. Peters tries not to sleep with it, and deliberately places it across the room when he goes to bed. Still, the morning routine is all about lounging in bed and checking his email on not one, but two phones. Peters has two BlackBerries, one for work and one for his personal life. “If you want to talk about anxiety, that really stresses me out, trying to keep the work and personal private.” When he goes out, he has to know when to “BYOD” (“bring your own device”) or else “#lifeiscomplicated,” he explains over email. Peters tries to curb his smartphone habits in social situations. “It’s important to manage your cellphone with boundaries or it becomes more important than the people around you.” Peters says he went through a learning curve with smartphones, aided in part when he completed a master’s in communications at Royal Roads University. How to use, not abuse, technology and social media was an important part of the curriculum.

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