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Alumnus launches mobile ESL conversation partner

It only took one bad experience for Kosta ChatziSpiros to swear to himself he would never try speaking a new language in public again.

His French conversation skills weren’t great and the end result left him hesitant to try again. What he needed was more practice, but finding someone to be a sounding board can often be as tricky as learning the language itself.

That is why the Royal Roads University MBA alumnus partnered with Julie Zilber to help her bring her idea to reality. Supiki, set to officially launch this fall, is a fluency tool aimed at helping people improve their conversation skills. The program has garnered nearly $1 million in combined funding from National Research Council IRAP and Canada Media Fund.

“Supiki is a conversation practice partner in your pocket. It’s something you can take with you anytime, anywhere so that in between your English lessons, classes and tutoring, you can keep practising,” ChatziSpiros says. “This is embarrassment free. Supiki isn’t going to judge you...”

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