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Alumnus Colin Bell a finalist in Canada-wide small business competition

Colin Bell, BA in Professional Communication, is one of four finalists in a Canada-wide small business competition worth $100,000.

The managing partner and founder of Vancouver company Recycle Smart has designed a sensor that detects when a recycling or garbage bin is full, calling for pick-up only when it's needed. 

More than 1000 companies from across Canada entered the Globe and Telus Small Business Challenge Contest. Vote online to help Bell win and fulfill his plan to run a pilot project.

Excerpt from story:

Most companies recycle because they know it’s good for the environment. But here’s something they may not know: When their recycling bins are picked up, chances are they aren’t full. And that means their waste management provider’s trucks are driving around and burning fuel while carrying part-empty bins.Kind of contradicts the purpose of recycling, doesn’t it? 

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