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Alumnus Clint Lalonde a key player in free online textbook project

The extra costs of attending university can add up quickly. From residency fees to bus passes, students often struggle to pay the bills. After tuition, one of the most significant expenses is textbooks. Ranging in price from $40 to $300, students can end up paying more than $1,000 a semester for materials they may only read once. But a new project aims to change that. Royal Roads University MA in Learning and Technology (MALAT) alumnus Clint Lalonde is a key player in BCcampus’s open textbook project. The initiative aims to put textbooks for 40 of the most popular first- and second-year subjects in B.C.’s public post-secondary system online and available for free to approximately 200,000 students. “This is a pretty exciting project that will have a big impact on post-secondary students here in British Columbia,” says Lalonde, manager of Curriculum Services and Applied Research with BCcampus. Lalonde says the cost of textbooks can negatively impact students’ educational experience. Often, students are waiting for loans to come in and can’t purchase their textbooks until weeks into the course. Others opt to share textbooks and some even photocopy them, infringing on copyright laws. Open textbooks also allow for freedom in format. Instead of lugging around five-pound textbooks, students can have all their course materials on their laptop or tablet. There will also be the option to print textbooks at a low cost.

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