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Alumna's hunger strike featured in the Tyee, Vancouver Sun

MA in Environmental Education and Communication alumna Lillian Rose Howard has been fasting in support of Theresa Spence and the Idle No More movement since Dec. 23.

Her story was recently featured in the Tyee and in the Vancouver Sun.

From the Tyee:

Lillian Rose Howard, whose Mowachacht name Nahnahumyiis means "Welcoming the Visitors on behalf of our Chiefs," has joined in all Idle No More protests in B.C., speaking out, as she says, "and finding my strength and my voice through the joyousness of drumming." At Idle No More events, Howard is always dressed for celebration and ceremony in her traditional button blanket, her drum active. On Friday, Jan. 11, Lillian will mark the 20th day of her own hunger strike, which she has only begun to discuss publicly in the last few days.

She began her fast on Dec. 23, taking only fish broth and tea, in support of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence's stand on Victoria Island. Flanked by her extended family at Idle No More gatherings, Lillian has drawn on a wide network of friends, relatives and colleagues across Canada and internationally. She is adept at social media, the hallmark of this grassroots, bush-fire movement, and boasts more than 2,200 Facebook followers, whom she favours with inspirational images and sayings but also with some tough no-nonsense advice: Check your ego, she advises, keep scrupulous track of money, focus your goals on protection of water -- a sacred resource and a responsibility squandered by senior government.