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Alumna says MEEC program prepared her to become a naturopathic doctor

From the yoga mat to the doctor’s office, Thara Vayali’s philosophy remains the same. As a naturopathic doctor and yoga instructor, she is dedicated to helping people become more in tune with their bodies by educating rather than dictating.

  “I am motivated when I see people engaged and empowered in their own health and education,” the Royal Roads alumna says. “I know I’m doing my job when I hear back from people that they’re making changes in their life because they can tell the difference, not because I told them to.”   Vayali says the MA in Environmental Education and Communication (MEEC) program helped her discover who she was as an educator and gave her the tools to defy the archetype of doctors and teachers as dictators.   “The program was so forward-thinking compared to other schools,” she says of the collaborative, team-based approach. “I learned more about myself and what my statements are around environmental ethics. I also developed as a teacher. It gave me the right foundation to step into health care.”

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