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Alumna’s love for language turns into teaching experience

When Kim Lipscombe returned to Victoria after spending six months in South Korea, she was eager to visit the owner of a Korean Internet café/karaoke bar. The BA in Professional Communication (BAPC) graduate met the shop owner before she left and told him she was going to his homeland. Upon her return, they had a conversation in Korean.

Lipscombe’s trick to maintaining the six languages she knows is to seek out native speakers and carry on conversations. For her, the value of speaking different languages is being able to connect with people from a variety of cultures.

“It’s neat to just walk down the street and hear all these languages surrounding you and be able to pick up sentences and words and it brings you back to that culture and to that mindset,” she says. “Just understanding people – whether it’s on the word level or on the cultural level – is useful.”

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