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3gb Free Dropbox space for RRU Staff and Students

Very popular now are the myriad of free tools for "cloud storage".  Cloud storage is a great way to help keep things organized and to share files over muliple platforms.  There are many services available but my favorite is Dropbox.  I use Dropbox extensively because it allows me to sync files on my iPad, iPhone, Mac and home Windows computer.  Also, many iPad apps now have integrated Dropbox funtionality.

In researching ways to get additional Dropbox space for free for an Instructor, I discovered that a promotion is going on where schools can earn additional Dropbox space for their staff/students if they join the “Space Race”.

If you are interested in getting and additional 3gb of free space (and possibly a lot more) for 2 years, then please click on this link, which will ask you to log into your Dropbox account and enter your RRU email account.  A verification email will be sent which you simply click on and you will instantly get 3gb of additional space.  If you do not already have a dropbox account you can register and get 2.5gb for free.

Please pass this info along to any other RRU staff/Student that you know uses Dropbox.  The more that join, the more space we get. 

As we constantly tell people, do not click on links unless you trust the source, please feel free to contact me by phone should you have any questions.

Douglas(250) 391-2659 or simply x2659 on campus.