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2012 Alumni Excellence Award winner says honour saved his life


South Sudanese journalist Mading Ngor says winning the inaugural Alumni Excellence Award in 2012 may have saved his life.

In October, Ngor travelled from Juba, the capital of South Sudan, to Victoria to attend the Alumni Awards. He was being honoured for his outstanding contributions to the media landscape in the world’s newest nation, which had been gripped by civil war from 1955 to 2005 (with one modest truce in the middle). After living in Canada for a decade, Ngor returned to South Sudan in 2011, just before the nation officially split from Sudan, to share what he learned in Canada – including freedom of speech – with his homeland. As host of the hard-hitting and popular radio show Wake Up Juba! and as a contributor to various international media outlets, he challenged authority and pushed for transparency.

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