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Moving Out

Learner-Long Term Residency

Upon departure, please leave your unit and individual room in a clean condition for the next resident. Common areas are the shared responsibility of all residents in the unit, and the rooms are each individual resident's responsibility. Please do your part to clean your unit and room before you leave.

Properly cleaning your room and common areas will prevent an assessment for housekeeping costs

Upon departure, leave all furniture in the appropriate room in your unit. If furniture is not left assembled in the appropriate rooms, the resident(s) may be assessed for missing furniture.

Please remove all garbage and thoroughly clean room. Remove tape and stickers from walls and ceilings. Remove all personal belongings. Check the furniture inventory (see below) and ensure all furniture is present and assembled. Leave mattress pad and pillow on top of the bed and your bed frame assembled. Please vacuum.

Room Inventory and Condition Checklist
Please refer to your room inventory checklist so that you are aware of the contents of your room. A copy of your completed inventory and condition checklist is on file in the University Housing Office or a blank copy can be obtained from your Residence Assistant.

Common Areas
Garbage: Please remove all garbage from your room and place it in the central floor garbage receptacles. Oversized items are to be placed adjacent to the garbage bins.
Kitchen: Clean the microwave, toaster and refrigerator thoroughly. Leave the refrigerator running. Wipe all cupboards inside and outside. Wipe the walls. Sweep and wash the floor.
Dining / Living Room: Wipe dining table and chairs. Wipe the walls. Vacuum sofa seats and the carpet. Ensure all furniture is returned to its proper place.
Vacuum Cleaner: Please remove the dust build-up from the cloth filter bag or replace the disposable bag. Place dust into a garbage bag. Please leave the vacuum cleaner and all accessories in common area. See the instructions posted in the kitchen cupboard.

Reminder before you leave your room:

  • Close and lock all windows and doors 
  • Empty all trash cans and dispose of all garbage and unused food (garbage bags are available from your Residence Assistant) and vacuum your room.  Any unopened, unused food items that you wish to donate to the local foodbank, please leave in the designated box that will be left in the Residence Lounge during your last week of residency.  Freezer items for donation can be left in the freezer, please mark for donation. 
  • Remove all tape, posters, etc. from the walls, ceiling and furniture. 
  • Remove all staples, tacks, etc. from the bulletin board inside your room. 
  • Return all furniture to its original position. Take home any non-University Housing furniture. 
  • Return your room keys to the Millward Security Office (including any spare keys signed out from the desk). 
  • Ensure that you and the desk attendant have signed the check out form.

REMEMBER - you will be billed if the above items have
not be completed and for any of the following

  • Excessive mess 
  • All damage done to your room and its contents 
  • Any items missing from your room that were not reported on your check-in inventory sheet 
  • Furniture found in the room that was not assigned to your room 
  • Special cleaning (eg) carpet steam cleaning, removal of graffiti, etc.

A thorough check of your room/suite and its contents will be conducted following your check out. Any deficiencies noted that are not normal "wear and tear" will be billed to you.

Complete check out procedures must be followed. If not, you will be billed $50 for not signing out of residence on the check out form and/or $65 for a lock change if you fail to return your room keys.

As per the residence contract, property left in residence rooms more than 48 hours after the room has been vacated is considered to be abandoned and will be removed at a cost of $25 to you and may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of thereafter. We do not accept responsibility for the storage or safekeeping of property abandoned in residence rooms.