Meet the RRU Student Services Team

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Consider us your pit crew. You’re the driver going full speed ahead, and you may experience some road bumps along the way. From tough turns to burning out, you may need an extra hand to keep you on track. The RRU student services team is here for you.

Your pit crew consists of a genuine group of caring individuals, located in Grant 130 and the Rec Centre. Each staff member is dedicated to ensuring you receive quality support.

Meet the team…

Dranna Andrews-Brown, Coordinator of Student Services, is dedicated to continually improving the RRU student experience, and handles everything from orientation to student affairs.

Viral Manqukia, International Liaison Officer, provide information and support specific to the international student experience, and coordinates opportunities for cross cultural engagement.

Meghan Reusing, Financial Aid & Awards Associate and RRU alumnus, coordinates the internal award competitions and handles FAA inquiries.

Gwen Campden, Manager, Financial Aid & Awards, provides on-going financial aid support to students by helping secure and expand funding opportunities.

Chris Brown, Career Enhancement Services Advisor, offers advice and resources for helping students secure employment after graduation.

Kate Landreth, Work Integrated Learning Advisor, supports Hospitality & Tourism and Business students prepare for, find and secure practicum and internship opportunities.

Danielle McCann, Work Integrated Learning Advisor, supports Humanitarian Studies and Business students prepare for, find and secure practicum and internship opportunities.

Natasha Dilay, Manager of Work Integrated Learning, creates and fosters relationships between the Royal Roads Community and potential hosts. 

Patti Walsh, Manager, Recreation Centre, promotes active lifestyles at RRU by organizing all the programs and services offered at the Recreation Centre.

Michelle Underdown, Accessibility Coordinator, offers students valuable support through Accessibility Services by coordinating everything from short-term accomodation to academic extensions for those with short-term or permanent disabilities, and/or medical reasons.

Sarah Chettleburgh, Counsellor and Manager of the Coaching and Counselling Centre, handles all RRU counselling services, by providing confidential information and counselling to any student in need of guidance and support and oversees resources for individaul and team coaching.

Trish Dyck, Team Coach, works collaboratively with faculty and program areas to facilitate team coaching in various programs accross campus.

Kyla McLeod, Director of Student Services, leads this dynamite team and strives to ensure students are receiving the best quality of service and support.

We also have Student Activity Assistants that help new students make a smooth transition to RRU through campus tours, organized events and orientation support.

Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’re each available to meet in person, over email, and by phone. On this forum, we’ll be sharing tips, stories and ways on how you can succeed as a RRU student. Join this group, and stay tuned on ways you can get involved. As your pit crew, we want to see you cross that finish line!