Activity 2 - Staff and Student Bios Tour

Private - accessible only to group members

We would like to get a sense of who everyone is and where they come from or a location that is significant to them. Below is a link to a google tourbuilder tour that students are invited to add to. You can view the current tour using just the link but if you are comfortable adding to the tour the credentials that you need are:


Password: BJUS

To add a location simply click "edit" in the top right hand corner. You can then scroll down on the bottom left and click "Add location". You can find the location you are looking for in the dialogue box. It could be as high level as a city or a specific building or address. Once you have found your location you can zoom in as close as you like to showcase what is important to you. You can even gos so far as to add a street view! Once you have selected your location you can click "Add to tour". From here you can then enter photos, videos, texts and if applicable dates to the location. Take a look at the types of information that our faculty have included for ideas: