Ruth Mojeed Bio

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I am enrolled in the Intercultural & International Communication (MAIIC) program at Royal Roads University, and I am currently on a six-month internship with the Victoria Foundation as part of the academic requirements for the programme.

I am from Lagos, Nigeria, and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Nigeria. I worked with local and international non-profit organizations for over five years before moving to Canada. I served on the Board of Governors of the Association of Christian Schools International (West Africa), a non-profit organization with headquarters in Colorado Springs, USA. I learned from the valuable contributions of the Board members, and I got some insight into how policies are formulated for running the organization.

Since moving to Victoria, I worked with the Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre (VIRCS) for 6 months on a Nelly Furtado fundraiser to support Syrian refugees. I was the Sponsorship & Volunteer Coordinator for the event, and assisted with production and fundraising for the event which raised considerable financial support for the refugees. I currently work as a Special Projects intern with the Victoria Foundation, specializing in communication, corporate events and project management. In this position, I engage in numerous community-based projects, and I get the opportunity to interact with community members from different walks thereby getting new insights into how the community works. My ability to interact and communicate effectively with people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds is also improving as I relate with more people.

I opted for a Master’s degree in Communication at Royal Roads University, and was not quite sure what to expect but it has been an all-round learning experience for me. The innovative method of course delivery based on cohort-based experiential learning has been a great learning experience for me. My interactions with students from 11 other countries in the program also makes a huge difference in my perception of the world- I am seeing globalization play out in my small classroom setting. I am not only building my verbal and written communication skills in the classroom- I am also learning to see the world differently.