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Welcome to RRU International, a virtual platform where current and incoming students can exchange information about living in Victoria as well as anything else related to life as an international student at Royal Roads. Discussion topics will include everything from accommodation, transportation, health insurance, employment, volunteering, banking, income tax, and driving in Canada to adjusting to life in Canada, support networks and dealing with homesickness. Members will receive important updates on immigration matters as well as announcements about activities and events on campus and in Greater Victoria.

This is a space where incoming students can meet their peers (current and other incoming students) before leaving home in order to establish connections that will support them throughout their time at Royal Roads. Current students are encouraged to share their experiences about life in Canada with new students —remember how you felt when you were preparing for your study abroad experience? This group is in its infancy and its growth relies on your contributions through posting questions and answers.

Although this group was created for international students, we welcome contributions from domestic students as well. Your perspectives and advice would be extremely beneficial to this forum. The majority of our international students come to RRU with the hope of making connections and friendships with Canadians, so we encourage you to participate in the discussions.

If you have any questions about this group or any other general questions, please contact international@royalroads.ca.




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