Request Permission

Public - accessible to all site users

If you are a Program Associate, you should have access to the information on this site.  When you are logged in, if you can see this group listed in the white block in the left navigation, you have access.  If you can only see the front page and this page, you don't have access.

To request access to the resources in this group:

  1. Send an email to the Champion for your area (listed on the front page) requesting access to this group
  2. Ensure you have 'logged in' to this site using the login block on the right navigation.  Use your normal RRU username/password
  3. The Champion will grant you access to the group. You'll be able to view content.
  4. If you require access to create content (your own group pages), the Champion will request permission from Web Systems so that you can add content.


There is training documentation for both Community Groups and Lime Survey available on this site.  Once you have access, you'll be able to get started.

If you are having trouble gaining access or any other technical difficulty, please contact Computer Services.