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Welcome MBA learners!

 Until our Moodle site opens, please use this forum to ask any questions that you have about securing an OMP client. Here is the OMP information that is most relevant to you right now--and which I sent out in an email two weeks ago.


1. Collaborate Session Recording


To succeed in your OMP, it is essential that you view this (and all) Collaborate sessions. The recording can be accessed here:


2. Identification of Client Due on March 10


You will need to have a client identified in order to participate in BUSA696a.


Once the BUSA696a course site opens, you will be asked to post information about your client and topic in a discussion forum.  Here are the precise discussion forum questions you will be asked to respond to:


Post your preliminary thoughts on what will be the focus of your OMP. 


Specifically, respond to the following. For further explanation around each of the following questions, please refer to the Collaborate session. 

  1. Who is your client organization and what background can you provide about the organization and/or industry? For many clients, confidentiality is an issue. There are two ways you might mask the organization's identity:
  • Do not reveal its real name and mask identifying characteristics. If you are concerned about how to do this, consult with the class instructor.
  • Reveal the organization's name, but do not reveal confidential information. For many organizations, it is not problematic to reveal that you are working with them, as long as you do not reveal confidential information.  
  • What is your Problem Statement (PS)? The PS is a summary of the precise challenge that your client is facing and that your OMP will address 
  • What is your Research Question (RQ)? Please use the format discussed in the Collaborate session.
  • Your response need not be perfect. What is most important at this point is that you have a client and a rough idea of what your OMP might address. Once BUSA696a officially opens and you are assigned your advisor, time will be allocated  for you to work through and revise your PS and RQ, to ensure they provide a solid foundation for your OMP.


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