Reminder to provide input on RRU’s Draft Policy on Sexual Violence

Posted by Dranna Andrews-Brown on September 30, 2016 - 2:09pm
Private - accessible only to group members

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to review RRU’s draft Policy on Sexual Violence and to those who have provided feedback. If you have not yet had a chance to review the policy, we will be continuing to accept feedback until October 2nd.


Feedback can be provided through the forum in the Community Feedback group here:


If you would prefer to give us your feedback anonymously, you can fill out an online comment box by clicking the following link instead:


We welcome your thoughts until October 2nd, 2016. The Task Force will be reviewing the input received by then and making changes in preparation for submission to a committee of the Board of Governors later in October.


Our intent is to create an environment where our university community members  are comfortable speaking openly and honestly, and we recognize that this topic is very difficult for some.  As a reminder, personal counselling is available for students – for more information, please see If you have any questions, please feel free to contact co-chairs Roberta Mason ( or Brie Deimling (


Thank you for sharing your time and insight in this important work. Your many and varied contributions to our university community are sincerely appreciated.



The Ad Hoc Task Force on Sexual Violence




Brie Deimling, Human Resources Advisor, representing the office of the Associate Vice President, Human Resources (co-chair)

Donal Burrows, CUPE member, appointed by CUPE Local 3886

Dranna Andrews-Brown, Manager, Student Engagement representing the Behavioural Intervention Team

Karen Hakkarainen, Manager, Board Governance & Planning

Kyla McLeod, Director, Student Services

Paris Carr,  Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee member

Roberta Mason, Associate Vice President, Student & Academic Services (co-chair)

Steven MacLean, graduate student, selected randomly from volunteers responding to a general call of interest

Stewart Ralph, Director, Physical & Environmental Services

Tracie Hetherington, undergraduate student appointed by the Royal Roads University Student Association

Dr. Virginia Mckendry, Faculty member, appointed by the Royal Roads University Faculty Association