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Program Head

As EEC Acting Program Head, I will be stage-managing the three EEC cohorts at RRU this summer.  Please email me ( a brief note so I knows you've found this part of the website. You can also let me know some things about you, what you hope to gain from the program and what you think some of your challenges might be, and what your research interests may be at this point.

The role of the Program Head during Moving In! is to establish some one-on-one contact with you and get to know a bit about you. This will help establish an on-going dialogue that will continue during Residence and then Dr. Rick Kool will be coming back into his position in September 2014 and will be with you throughout your program of studies to help you get the most out of the program and refine your environmental communication and education research ideas. During Residence I will also be introducing you to the MAEEC program and the various instructors you will meet during your Distance On-line courses.

In early June we will have an online, live orientation session to meet each other and discuss any questions you may have regarding your 1st Residence.  We’ll send you instructions on how to access this closer to the date.

Please note that in addition to this Moving In! site, you will need to start the pre-residency portion of EECO 500.

Summer Faculty

For your first summer I will be teaching you EECO 503 and Elin Kelsey will be teaching you EECO 500.  You can see our bios as well as those of our other faculty on our MAEEC blog,

In addition to these core summer faculty, we’ll be having a range of guest educators as well!

I’m looking forward to meeting you all in the coming months!