Writing at the Graduate Level

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Writing at the Graduate Level

Over the next two years, you will be working through many assignments and activities that involve writing. Writing at a graduate level requires you to first explore multiple authors in the fields you are studying. In this process, you will dig deeply into the topics, synthesise multiple concepts and identify your own thoughts about the subject.

Now is the time to begin thinking about how to write at a graduate level!

Graduate level writing….

  • Is clear and literate
  • Explores implicit values
  • Uses critical examination
  • Contextualizes
  • Pursues an academic argument
  • Reflects YOU!

At lower academic levels, the general rule often seems to be to keep your head down. Not so here. Master’s level work may not have to be "an original contribution to knowledge", but you are now drawing on all the knowledge and experience you have accumulated thus far, and doing something with it that is at least new for you (Atherton, 2002).

One important resource that you can and will need to get from the RRU Bookstore is the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition (or you can get this through http://www.apastyle.org/). ALL of your academic writing must be submitted in APA style (as it is known), which dictates the proper usage of quotations, citatins, and references. It also has a really fine first two chapters, the first of which tells you how to organize a paper/manuscript, and the second is titled "Expressing ideas and reducing bias in language". Take a look here for more information about using APA 6th!

Royal Roads University has an established Writing Centre, containing a range of resources that can help us all become better writers. Theresa Bell, the coordinator of the Writing Centre, is a great person and a fabulous resource. She won't edit your papers, but she'll help you find what you need to improve your writing skills! We stongly encourage all students to connect with the Writing Centre first for any questions regarding APA, writing at the graduate level or writing in general.

For more tips and more information on writing at a graduate level check out the following resources:

RRU Writing Centre

Atherton, J.S. (2002) Academic Practice: Writing at Master's Level [Online]: UK: Article review / Critique (n.d.) University of the Fraser Valley.