What to Expect at Summer Residency

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Summer Residency
What will the summer residency be like?

The 1st EEC residency marks the beginning of your experience with “learning in community” over the two-year duration of the program. The 1st Residency is filled with multiple types of learning activities and processes. It will be very intense. We also hope that you will find it to be a lot of fun!

Dr. Elin Kelsey will be your instructor for the first week of the residency, and will teach together with Dr. Liza Ireland for the second week. Dr. Ireland will have the final week of the residency on her own.

Your Schedule is filled with wonderful learning opportunities both formal and informal relating to your courses, the EES Program, getting to know the other Cohorts, and what services RRU offers throughout your program.  In addition to your courses, the 1st Week you will be welcomed, Hilary Leighton will take you on a magical journaling workshop not to be missed, and we’ll be given special insight into the gardens and sustainability initiatives at RRU.  A week later, on Saturday, we will have a whole day field trip to Botanical Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get a break from your classes, deepen your new friendships and discover the magic of the West Coast.  Three summers ago we were lucky enough to see a pod of wild orcas migrating down the Coast!

We'll also be involved in joint events with the Second and Third Residency Cohorts, meeting them in special inter-cohort triad sessions in Weeks 2 & 3, seeing the thesis proposals of the group that started last summer, and some of the final thesis projects from the 2011 Cohort. The final week will also give you enough time to complete your team project, and will also prepare you for the transition to the Distance Learning Instructors and courses that you’ll be involved with until we regroup for the second residency.

In terms of scheduling, you will be involved in activities from approximately 8:00-5:00 each weekday. Occasionally, there may be team meetings in the evenings in preparation for team presentations. As well, EEC learners can plan optional community social activities throughout the duration of the residency.

It will be an intense 3 weeks! Thus it will be important for you to clear that time away from your work schedule, as there will be no time to be in regular contact with your workplace.

Check out this great video on What to Expect made especially for you by the 2011 Cohort:

Reminder: Continue exploring your reading, reflecting and writing in your learning journals!