Conference Agenda: Day 2

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Sessions have been scheduled according to theme, allowing delegates to choose a topic on which to focus throughout the event. Or, choose sessions a la carte for a wide-ranging conference experience. View the specific streams in our Conference Schedule, and learn more about each session and stream on Day 2 in the descriptions below.

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Transmutational leadership - The quantum reality of leadership

(neuroscience and leadership stream)

Presenter: Claude Cloutier

Transmutational Leadership is a new model of leadership. It involves: 1.  A process and a number of methods, tools and techniques designed to increase awareness of mind and to open numerous additional possibilities to support problem solving and decision making.  2.  A theory or hypothesis that posits that a paradigm shift of consciousness will fundamentally change existing systems.  3.  A state of being.  4.  Alchemy of the mind and brain.

Neuroleadership: Exploring the internal world, new discoveries in mindsight and its implications to creative leadership

(neuroscience and leadership stream)

Presenters: Kent Williams, Ron Lindstrom, Eileen Piggot-Irvine, Joan King

This session will share how neuroscience is the fastest growing area of science being studied today. A subgroup, neuroleadership, focuses on how brain biology knowledge can affect behaviors in organizations. Through 'mindsight,' the ability through our awareness to see the internal workings of our mind, we have the potential to shift from patterned ways of being. This can potential increase leadership effectiveness, shifting us towards creative and vision focused outcomes.

Engaging our Ancestors: The role of human evolution and brain science in leadership

(neuroscience and leadership stream)

Presenter: Trevor Maber

his presentation will explore the role and influence that innate, subconscious human tendencies and behaviours (drives) have on our own leadership style and the resulting engagement of those around us. The impact of these drives on how we lead ourselves and others will receive in-depth attention.

Non-traditional community collaboration

(Collaboration stream)

Presenters: Guy Nasmyth, John Thornburn

The workshop will explore a variety of participatory and collaborative frameworks found effective in convening community citizens. The presentation will incorporate lessons learned from community planning and enhancement initiatives that the facilitators have used with the case study society and other groups throughout Canada, Southeast Asia and India.

Seeds of collaboration

(Collaboration stream)

Presenter: Alice MacGillivray

Communities of practice are often energized through participatory learning events.  Is it possible for this highly-interactive conference session to plant seeds for a collaborative undertaking?  Could this lead to a jointly designed workshop for clients, a panel presentation at another conference or a published paper?

The coach-approach to leadership: Guiding people to success

(Leadership Performance stream)

Presenters: Shana Ring, Sandra McDowell

Imagine an environment where every conversation has the potential to engage, empower and inspire forward action with people at all levels during times of change. Coaching is emerging as a powerful leadership tool to support cultural transformation and create a trusting environment where people are inspired to achieve their goals.

Unleashing the energy and talent that young people bring to the table

(Leadership Performance stream)

Presenters: Leanna Hill, Ruth Whyte

Youth are not simply the leaders of tomorrow – they are leading today. This session is about the creative possibilities of youth contribution to your organization or community. Join us as we explore ways to unleash, tap into, and support the energy and talent that young people bring to the table.

The 'Age' of leadership: The role of demographics and personality in business and learning communities 

(Diversity and Sustainability stream)

Presenter: Roger Thorson

This round table discussion will explore the challenges being faced by leadership professionals relative to demographic changes in the population and how personality type is impacting how business is being, or should be done.

Defining Diversity: Creating Community

(Diversity and Sustainability stream)

Presenter: Alison Taplay

Alison will share an initiative that combines education with community-engaged research to impact social and economic change in Powell River. With funding and support from the Vancouver Foundation and local organizations, this project promotes  citizen engagement, diversity, and capacity thinking. It is a leadership innovation with potential for replication. 

Eco-Creators: Leadership in sustainable development

(Diversity and Sustainability stream)

Presenter: Robin Levesque

In this session, participants will learn and practice tools from leadership in sustainability and project management such as the Sustainable Development Polarity Matrix, the DREAM Masterkey, the Work Breakdown Structure, and the Sustainability Management Plan.

Integrating leadership practices into the daily work of managers

(general stream)

Presenters: Stephanie Innes, Christina Medland

Want to hear about a unique and practical leadership program that is achieving great results?  The City of Vancouver customizes their leadership program to meet the needs of managers in specific departments.  We will discuss the leadership program, evaluation, and why it’s been successful developing manager’s leadership skills.

Leadership and public accountability

(general stream)

Presenter: Vernon White

This session will present multiple scenarios of leadership and maintaining a public accountability and level of transparency to ensure service and community can continue to work together.

Lessons from 15 years of Appreciative Inquiry projects in the MA-Leadership program

(general stream)

Presenter: Niels Agger-Gupta

Over 140 MA-Leadership projects since 1998 have identified Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as their key approach. A meta-analysis of project reports sheds surprising lessons about leading AI change initiatives. Table dialogue on participants’ own experiences will inform future study on AI.

The race to the South Pole: What can we take from the unique leadership styles of Amudsen, Scott and Shackleton a century ago, that we can apply to our leadership challenges of today?

(General stream)

Presenter: Scott Richardson

The Race to the South Pole. What do the lessons of Amudsen, Scott and Shackleton teach us about Situational Leadership a Century on?  What lessons can we apply to our own individual leadership challenges?   What might the modern leadership coach have contributed to their struggles?

Everything I needed to know I learned in jail: Leadership lessons from behind the bars

(General stream)

Presenter: Zac Kremler

The key to leadership lessons is transferability, and our leadership lessons can often come from unlikely sources. Consider four leadership lessons which are relevant whether you're in the boardroom, the classroom, or behind bars.

People engagement: Strengthening the non-profit sector

(General stream)

Presenter: Gerhard Maynard

The engagement of people is critical to the success of non-profit organizations. One of the greatest struggles non-profits face is mobilizing and engaging people effectively.  This session will share best practices in people engagement and allow participants an opportunity to discuss implementation models.