Conference Agenda: Day 1

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We received a great response to our Call for Presentations and have been able to design a diverse and dynamic conference agenda. Sessions have been scheduled according to theme, allowing delegates to choose a topic on which to focus throughout the event. Or, choose sessions a la carte for a wide-ranging conference experience. View the specific streams in our Conference Schedule, and learn more about each session and stream in the descriptions below.

UPDATE - please note changes to the following sessions:

  • Negotiations of the Complex Leadership Issues between Natural Resource Development and Preserving Cultural Heritage, with Garry Oker  (see description below)
  • Innovative Approaches to Aboriginal Training and Education, with Tammie Wylie & Sue Howard (see description below)


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Connecting values, engagement and bottom line

(values based leadership stream)

Presenter: Christine Maassen

In August 2012, SilverBirch launched its revised corporate values in the midst of tremendous organizational dynamics resulting from a strategic repositioning of its entire hotel portfolio.  The presentation describes how the initiative positively impacted employee engagement and financial results.

Cultural transformation, values, and leadership

(values based leadership stream)

Presenter: Kathleen Seeley

This presentation will feature the successes and and challenges of a cultural transformation initiative targetted to integrate values into leadership practice with a company of  300 employees.  This is a company largey composed of labourers.  The challenges inherent to sustainability of  this unique culture will be explored.

Transforming organizational DNA: Pathways through a complex challenge

(values based leadership stream)

Presenter: Marilyn Taylor, PhD

The need to tackle culture change in organizations is becoming more urgent in a turbulent and unpredictable global context. This session  features scholar-practitioners with diverse approaches who can highlight not only the critical challenges but conditions and strategies that have led to success in this leadership 'frontier'.

Emotional Intelligence inspired

(neuroscience / EI stream)

Presenter: Laura Zeman

This workshop and discussion will explore the value of refining individual and group ability to understand and manage the intelligence of emotions. We will discuss emotional intelligence (EI) theory and ways for developing EI as well as enabling others to nurture their own EI. Participants will be guided through a fun and physical demonstration, where yoga/movement can assist in increasing awareness of emotions, thoughts and how they work independently and together.

It's all in your head: How understanding basic neuroscience can make you a more effective leader

(neuroscience / EI stream)

Presenter: Adrienne White, MA

Do you want to achieve greater levels of success as a leader during times of change? The key can be in your head. Literally! Learn some of the fundamentals of neuroscience and the related implications for leading successful change initiatives.

Brain based leadership

(neuroscience / EI stream)

Presenter: Paul Mohapel, PhD

Incorporating recent scientific findings, this workshop explores the relationship between the brain, psychology, and leadership. The session is designed to help build one’s personal and team leadership capacity by examining recent research about how the brain makes connections and changes itself. It will touch upon topics such as the role of emotions in decision-making, how assumptions and perceptions are formed, the impact of stress, interpersonal communication, and how social bonds are formed. The workshop will focus particularly on recent brain research demonstrating profound benefits of mindfulness, with the goal of providing hands-on approaches to integrate mindfulness practice into one’s leadership practice to create better focus, attention, emotional calmness, and social bonds. Using interactive and experiential based exercises, participants will discover strategies to maximize one’s personal and interpersonal leadership.

Worker resiliency matters!  An innovative framework to promote reflection, dialogue and shared meaning-making in workplace teams responding to loss, change and transition

(health stream)

Presenter: Yvette Perreault

Resiliency is the capacity of individuals and groups to move forward with hope, clarity and effectiveness in the face of the loss and ongoing stressors related to work in community.   Worker resiliency is a key component in sustaining dynamic and responsive service-delivery.  This workshop will present the Resiliency Map as an innovative tool used to promote individual, team and group conversations about stress and coping in the workplace.

Leading in a lean healthcare environment

(health stream)

Presenters: Bonnie Blakley, Betty Mutwiri

This workshop will highlight key strategies for transformational change in a complex environment. Based on the Saskatoon Health region experience this workshop will explore the necessary elements for creating a high performance culture through LEAN as a management system and LEADS for effective leadership. You will gain knowledge of practical tools for enhancing organizational effectiveness.

Creating a social good enterprise: Growing leadership capacity within the Canadian health sector

(health stream)

Presenters: Khwezi Mbolekwa, Bill Tholl

Over 36 national, provincial and regional health organizations are using the LEADS framwork in efforts to create cost-effective leadership development practices in Canada.   In this interactive session the presenters will describe this initiative, and engage participants in helping to shape a robust community of practice for the LEADS Collaborative.

New Leadership: The emergence of a spiritual perspective

(spiritual leadership and Indigenous knowledge stream)

Presenter: Bob Laval

This is an exploration of the emergent leadership perspective of the last twenty years. It looks at what is at the root of this shift in approach, the influence of quantum physics and Aboriginal leadership perspectives, and the involvement of Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, and Joseph Jaworski and Theory U.


Negotiations of the Complex Leadership Issues between Natural Resource Development and Preserving Cultural Heritage

(spiritual leadership and Indigenous knowledge stream)

Presenter: Garry Oker, MA

This leadership conversation is about the more complex aspects of leadership challenges in Canada regarding Aboriginal constitutional rights and the government’s consultations expectations for resource developments. The Doig River First Nation experience and challenges in sharing Innovative contemporary efforts to apply leadership strategies in negotiations of complex major project developments on its’ tribal lands. A discussion on how innovative leaders created collaborative outcomes and effective conflict management strategies with its community members, the regulatory processes and industry.


Innovative Approaches to Aboriginal Training and Education

(spiritual leadership and Indigenous knowledge stream)

Presenters: Tammie Wylie, Sue Howard

Negotiating with Industry, Understanding History, OCAP, ownership, corporate change, ethics, Aboriginal values, respect, listening, approaches to learning, blending approaches, and diverse ways of Aboriginal Communication.There tends to be a constant requirement by Industry and business to find a negotiator between Aboriginal communities and business. If individuals understood Aboriginal communities, communication, history and respecting traditions there may be more open space to negotiate without creating barriers before the process begins. In some instances slower is quicker especially when developing relationships with Aboriginal communities. The power of "true" listening and respecting others perspectives creates a more trusting relationship to move forward collectively.

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