Karan Nijjar - Academic Council Biography

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Hi everyone!

My name is Karan Nijjar, a student in the Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration and Leadership program at Royal Roads University. I am seeking your kind support to represent RRU’s diverse student body on the Academic Council. I am passionate about higher education and academic governance and am a firm believer in the transformative power of education. Over the last five years, I have been grateful to hold diverse work portfolios in Canadian K-12 and post-secondary education sectors. My work experience ranges from international and domestic student recruitment, and enrolment management functions as well as teaching undergraduate programs. As a student-centric professional, I highly value the needs of the learners and strive hard to support them to the best of my capacity. We all can agree that being a mature student in Canadian post-secondary accompanies many challenges that require balancing family and work commitments, financial barriers, and very little time for self-care among others.  If given the opportunity to be on the Academic Council, I will ensure that these challenges are voiced at the table and that policies allowing access and flexibility to learning are prioritized.

I came to Canada as an international student at the age of 19 and am cognizant of the challenges that come with the decision of moving to a new country with the hope of building a better life. My teaching job allows me to work with students firsthand and understand their needs and find innovative ways to support them. I have traveled to over 9 countries for student recruitment and am aware of the education systems across the world. One thing that I’ve learned through all these experiences is that change is the only constant and by fostering strong human relationships we can face any challenge that comes our way. With constant industry developments and economic changes, it is prudent for academic programs and policies to embrace these advancements to better prepare professionals that are ready to face the realities of the world. I am passionate about eliminating barriers and streamlining processes for the accomplishment of goals and if given the chance to represent all of you would try my best to bring student-centric changes to make all our educational journeys better and more fruitful.

Thank you all for your support!